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Joker Helicopters - Joker 2 RC Helicopter

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Joker 2

joker2_1.jpg Made in GermanyFully Aerobatic Electrical Helicopter using 10-12 Lipo or 28-32 NiCd/NiMH cells Main rotor diameter: 1560 mm; Tail rotor diameter: 290 mm; Weight: Lipo: 4,5 – 5,0 kg (9,9 - 11,0 lb); NiCd: 5,2 – 5,5 kg (11,4 - 12,0 lb). Flight time: Lipo: 8-20 min; NiCd: 5-8 min, NiMH; 6-12 min dependent on flight style and rotorspeed


Joker 2 Concept

joker2_concept.jpg Based on the great success of the Joker and on the experience gained a completely new model was created, which employs the latest technical advances in the electric flight sector.

The Joker 2 is more flexible and allows for a much wider choice of motor and controller. Following the high praise given to the Acrobat we have decided to adopt the complete main gear and tail rotor design and specification from this 3D-model.

joker2_2.jpgSo a model was created with a unique spectrum of practical usage and great flexibility. The Joker 2 can be used as pure beginner model as well as for daily 3D-flights or for commercial usage. The life time of the mechanics is many hundreds of flight hours without needing to replace parts, so the maintenance costs are very low. For Extreme-3D usage extra strong components now availbale, which makes the Joker 2 into one of the most powerful helicopters available today. The noise of the model is substantially reduced by employing a very quiet belt drive.

Joker 2 Motor and gear

[ motor and gear ]

  • Brushless-motor with 8mm-shaft of your personal preference; we recommend: Kohler actro (self cooling thru the out-runner principal plus massive torque) or Plettenberg HP 370/40/A2
  • Two stage gear with quiet belt drive in the first stage and spur gear in the second stage; gear reduction alternatively from 9,0 to 11,6:1 dependent on motor and usage.
  • Adjustable motor mount for correct adjustment of belt tightness.
  • Right or left turn of the mainrotor.
  • Autorotation clutch with two needle bearings in the first gear stage, so the tailrotor is driven during AR, stationairy tailrotor is also possible.
  • Tail rotor drive directly from the first stage, so less power is lost. Tail rotor gear transmission 4.79:1.
  • The gear system is fully covered by the canopy for maximum noise reduction.
  • Tail rotor drive with silent toothed belt and special rollers for higher power transmission.
  • Easy to change ball bearings in the drive chain.
  • Large separation of the main rotor shaft bearings for high torque transmission from rotor to frame.
  • All servos mounted in the drive train frames to save space using high-grade push-pull linkage for high-precision swash-plate control.

Joker 2 Tailrotor

[ tailrotor ]

  • Light weight
  • Simple structure
  • easy to service
  • fully ball raced bellcranks
  • CNC tail pitch slider with links
  • Left and right mounting possible
  • CF-vertical stabilizer with well formed fin
  • CF-Elevator
  • Aluminium blade grips with propeller moment weights
  • Two radial and one thrust bearing in each blade grip
  • Rigid tail rotor hub

Joker 2 Frame

[ Frame ]

  • High strength, light weight, technically optimized construction yielding a tortionally stiff frame system made from 2,0 mm carbon plates.
  • Side profiles have cut-outs for weight reduction.
  • Lower side frame (standard wide 60 mm) can be widened with spacers for battery types with bigger dimensions.
  • Full aluminium landing gear with stainless steel clamps, CF-landing gear as option.
  • Battery mounting either with self-locking Velcro-tabs or two mounting bolts.
  • Battery is freely position able for optimizing the CG.
  • Central position of receiver for short cables to servos/esc/gyro
  • Front spacer panel can be tilted to optimize the position of the Esc and to aid cooling air flow.
  • Enclosed front battery carrier for maximum battery protection, 60 mm wide, 70 mm high.
  • Gyro mount on the tailboom

Flying the Joker 2

[ Flying ]

  • Beginners and sports fliers
  • Expert fliers
  • Competition fliers F3C
  • Scale pilots for use in fuselages
  • 3D-fliers and Extreme-3D-fliers
  • Private or commercial camera usage

Joker 2 Kit content

  • CF-frame
  • Aluminium landing gear
  • Main gear
  • Swashplate
  • MFS-mainrotor head
  • Tailboom with support
  • CF-Tailrotor linkage
  • CF-tail fin
  • Tailrotor gear
  • Tailrotor with PP-tailrotorblades
  • Canopy yellow or white with smokeglass window
  • Battery mounting parts
  • Small parts
  • Decals
  • Manual on CD-ROM

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