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RB Concept C5 Nitro Engine

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RB Concept C5


Former World Champion Rody Roem, through countless hours of research and development, has created the ultimate off road buggy racing engine. The new C5 buggy shares similar internal porting to the C5 circuit which has proven to be very successful for high competition use.

One of the newest improvements that had been made is to the crankshafts timing. Along with our "World" famous M.E.S. (Multi Exhaust System), the improved larger multi exhaust ports offer more midrange power compared to its predecessor while maintaining very good fuel consumption for race application.

The new C5Buggy cylinder heads are a "WHOPPING" 60mm around and offer superior cooling for those long hot days of racing. In addition to its tremendous size, the new cylinder heads are now inscribed with our logo for the competition to know what has just passed them.

A new composite bodied carburetor is standard equipment with a 9mm throat opening at its widest point. To keep the fuel consumption to a minimum we offer it with an 8mm restrictor. The bodies on these are a mix of composite and aluminum, having a composite body helps to prevent the fuel from developing what we call "vapor lock", where the carburetor is so hot the engine will not start

Technical Data

Reference : 01005-B
Contents : 3.49 cc
Bore : 16.22 mm
Stroke : 16.80 mm
Porting intake : 5+2
Porting exhaust : 3
Crankshaft : SPT/SG 14 mm Bi-Turbo Balanced
Carburetor : Slide Aluminium 9 mm with removable Venturi 8 mm
Glowplug : Normal #01055-6<
Weight: 365 Gr.
Pull start : No
Use: Buggy


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