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RB Concept TM323 for REVO

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REVO Power Plant


Are you looking for more power...., then this is the engine you are looking for!

With this exiting project we are now aiming to satisfy the one's who are playing the game of the fastest and highest jumping truck, this RB Concept TM323 engine is specially developped and adapted for the REVO.

This .23 size engine when used with its specially designed tuned pipe system will provide to you with the power you need to transform your truck into a real nasty and almost uncontrollable device. High torque and High speed will be the result once you have mounted this engine without any modifications to your REVO.

This RB TM323 has a 5-Port sleeve and an ultra light and rigid crankcase with a nicely designed cooling-head with the one and only original orange RB Concept color. The TM323 power unit comes complete with a specifically designed exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe and engine mounting set to install this engine in your REVO without modification, and uses the original electric starter.

Reference : E01901-323000/R
Contents : 3.78 cc
Bore: 17.00 mm
Stroke : 16.64 mm
Porting intake : 5
Porting exhaust : 1
Crankshaft : TRX 14,20 mm
Carburetor : Aluminium 8 mm
Glowplug : Normal>#01055-TRX
Weight : 305 Gr.
Pull start : EZ-Start ready(not included)
Use: Monster Truck


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