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RB Concept World S7 I

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RB Concept World S7 II

World Champion 2004/2005, European Champion 2003 and winner of the most prestigious international races, this means the best Off-Road engine of the World. When Rody Roem and the engine R&D department of RB Products started to develop the successor of the WS7, they have been inspired by all the experience and the knowledge coming from the world-famous World S7.

Several years of testing were needed to improve even more the already perfect balance of the previous WS7. A new Bi-Turbo crankshaft Square Concept. has been tested in the most terrible conditions of dust, mud and high temperatures. This shaft also features the exclusive RB Concept Coating.

The WS7 II has showed the same reliability as its well-known predecessor. Never an engine has been so much tested during the final stages of its development! To help evacuate the extra heat developed, the new WS7II features a new big size cooling-head for extra cooling.

Technical Data

Reference : 01004-WS7
Contents : 3.49 cc
Bore : 16.42 mm
Porting intake : 7
Porting exhaust : 1
Crankshaft : SPT/SG 13 mm Bi-Turbo Buggy
Carburetor : Slide Nylon 9 mm with removable Venturi 8 mm
Glowplug : Normal #01055-6
Weight: 370 Gr.
Pull start : No
Use: Buggy


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