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JR - G7703D/S8900G Gyro/Servo Combo Pack

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Key Features

  • Constant pirouette rate G770 3D gyro
  • Heading-lock and normal modes available
  • Aluminum gyro case
  • G770 3D gyro features analog and digital servo compatibility
  • Ultra-speed servo for instant tail control reaction
  • 8900G features an aluminum heat sink center case to help keep motor cool and increase efficiency
  • Perfect for 600-size and larger Helis
  • Ultra precision nylon gears


The G770 3D gyro uses all-new SRVS UltraLokô technology to provide constant rotation rates regardless of head speed, wind or flight direction. And with its auto-trimming and anti-drift features, trim fiddling is a thing of the past. Whatís more, the ultra high response rate 770 3D holds like no other JR gyro.

The G7703D gyro and†8900G servo are available separately or as a combo.††Either component can improve your current machineótogether they'll transform it.†



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