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Battery Chargers for Radio Controlled vehicles

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RC Battery Chargers
Monster Truck 4x4's
Thunder Power Batteries - TP 535C 1-5 Cell LiPo DC Charger

Charges 1-5S (3.7-18.5V) Li-Po Packs at rates from 0.5-3.5A.

Thunder_Power_TP_535C_1-5 Cell_LiPo_DC_Charger
Monster Truck 4x4's
Thunder Power Batteries - TP610C 1-6Cell LiPo Charger Balancer

Unique, all-in-one charger and discharger with built-in Li-Ion/Li-Po/A123 cell balancer. Capable of charging and discharging Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Pb, Li-Ion, Li-Po and A123 cells.

Monster Truck 4x4's
Competition Electronics Inc. - Turbo 35 GFX Charger

With the Turbo 35's backlit graphics display you can see your cell or pack's charge and discharge curves while it's happening or after.

Monster Truck 4x4's
Dynamite - Prophet Sport AC-DC Peak Charger

Compatible with 110V AC or 12V DC power sources, the Prophet Sport™ gives ready-to-run and new RC drivers an easy-to-use charger that’s also extremely capable.

Monster Truck 4x4's
Dynamite - Prophet Plus LCD AC-DC Peak Charger

Prophet Plus LCD AC/DC Peak Charger: Dynamite

Monster Truck 4x4's
Thunder Power Batteries - TP1010C 1-10 Cell Li-PO DC Charger

Thunder Power’s TP1010C is one of the most powerful Li-Po chargers in its class, capable of charging from 1 to 10 series cells at rates ranging from 0.25 to 10 amps and discharging at rates up to 2 amps.

Monster Truck 4x4's
Thunder Power Batteries - TP425C 1-4 Cell Li-Po DC Charger

TP425C 1-4 Cell Li-Po DC Charger: Thunder Power Batteries

Monster Truck 4x4's
Associated Electrics Inc. - Pulsar Competition 2 Charger

Pulsar Competition 2 Charger: Associated Electrics, Inc.

Monster Truck 4x4's
Dynamite - Nitro Field Charger

Tired of having the clutter of three different chargers for your nitro car or truck’s starter battery, receiver pack, transmitter and glow driver?

Monster Truck 4x4's
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