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Dynamite - Nitro Field Charger

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Key Features

  • Peak detection charging on all stations
  • Simultaneous charging for 6-8 cell battery packs, 4-5 cell receiver packs and glow drivers
  • Selectable charge rates for stick packs and receiver packs
  • Charges 6-8 cell battery packs with Selectable 1-, 2- or 4-amp charge rates
  • Charges 4-5 cell receiver packs with selectable 1- or 2-amp charge rates
  • Charge glow drivers at 2A
  • Automatic trickle charging on all stations when peaked
  • 12V DC input
  • LED charge indicator for each station
  • Audible charge alarm with adjustable volume
  • Maximum total charge rate of 6 amps

Tired of having the clutter of three different chargers for your nitro car or truck’s starter battery, receiver pack, transmitter and glow driver? Eliminate the clutter and easily condense these three separate units into one smaller, easy to use charger. The Dynamite Nitro Field Charger can safely and conveniently charge 6 cell battery packs, 8 cell transmitter packs, 4-5 cell receiver packs, and has a plug-in port to charge your glow driver.



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