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Joker Helicopters - Maxi Joker 2

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Maxi-Joker 2

[ Maxi-Joker 2 ]

The Maxi-Joker 2 is a Joker 2 with an enlarged main rotor diameter of 1.8 m and so a 35% larger mainrotor plane, following the worldwide success of the Maxi-Joker as professional camera-ship the Maxi-Joker 2 can also lift a weight of 2 kg. As opposed to the Maxi-Joker the Maxi-Joker 2 is equipped with a straight tailboom, the 45-Top-Tail gear can be ordered as an option. The gear reduction depends on the motor used, between 10,8 and 11,6:1, so a rotorspeed of 1200-1300 rpm can be achieved. With a payload of 2 kg the all-up weight is about 8,0 kg. Equipped with a 10s3p-battery a flight time up to 20 min can be reached, depending on the payload. For professional camera use the Plettenberg HP 370/40/A2 is especially recommended because of its finely balanced rotor. When using the Maxi-Joker in fuselages the actro 24-5 is recommended because of its low weight. A fuselage mount without lower frame is available as an option.

Ord.-No. 2600 Maxi-Joker 2
Ord.-No. 1030 Mainrotor S-blades CfC 800 mm right turn
Ord.-No. 1036 Tailrotor blades 130 mm
Ord.-No. 1450 Upgrade Toip-tail 45 degree gear
Ord.-No.  833  Fuselage adaptor

Maxi Joker Accessories

Note: The Maxi-Joker was developed as carrier for cameras, scale fuselages etc and is not recommended for aerobatics, because large cyclic deflections cause a high energy consumption.

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