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Academy - CH-46A/D Marines-Vietnam

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Primary function: Medium-Lift assault helicopter- cargo and personnel transport
Manufacturer: Boeing Vertol Company
Power plant: (2) GE-T58-10 engines
Thrust: 1400 shaft horsepower (SHP)
Rotors unfolded - 84 feet 4 inches (25.69 meters)
Rotors folded - 45 feet 7.5 inches (13.89 meters)
Width: Rotors unfolded - 51 feet (15.54 meters)
Rotors folded - 14 feet 9 inches (4.49 meters)
Height: 16 feet 8 inches (5.08 meters)
Maximum takeoff weight: 19,405 pounds (8,800 kilograms)
Range: 132 nautical miles (151.8 miles)
Speed: 145 knots (166.75 miles per hour)
Ceiling:10,000 feet (+)
Normal - 3 (pilot, copilot, crew chief)
Combat - 4 (pilot, copilot, crew chief, and 1 aerial gunners)
Transport - maximum of 25 passengers
Medical evacuation - 15 litters and 2 attendants
Cargo - maximum of 10,000 pound (4,536 kilograms) external load

The CH-46 Sea Knight was first procured in 1964 to meet the medium-lift combat assault requirements of the United States Marine Corp in Viet Nam. It was to replace piston-engine types then in use. The CH-46 was a versatile workhorse with the capability to transport Marines ashore during an amphibious invasion and to move equipment, weapons and supplies. An initial purchase of 266 CH-46A's for the Marines was followed by 24 UH-46A's for the U.S. NAVY. Production continued in subsequent years, along with modifications to improve some of the CH-46's characteristics. With service in SE Asia came installation of guns and armor along with uprated engines. Externally similar to the CH-46A, the improved CH-46D featured a longer tail pylon. During it's service in VietNam the CH-46 was often flown without some or all of it's round cabin windows. The U.S. Marines received 266 improved CH-46D's with 10 UH-46D's going to the NAVY.


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