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Academy - CH-53E Super Sea Stallion

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Primary function : Transportation of troops, heavy equipment and supplies

Manufacturer : Sikorsky Aircraft

Power plant : Three General Electric T64-GE-419 turboshaft engines producing 4,750 shaft horsepower each.

Crew : 3

Length : 99 feet 5 inches ( 30.3 meters)

Height : 28feet 4 inch (8.64 meters)

Rotor diameter : 79 feet (24.07 meters)

Speed : 172.5 miles per hour ( 150 knots)

Maximum takeoff weight : *Internal load - 69,750 pounds (31,666 kilograms) *External load - 73,500 pounds (33,369 kilograms)

Range : *without refueling - 621 miles (540 nautical miles) *with aerial refueling - indefinite

Armament : Two XM-218 .50 caliber machineguns.

CH-53 The Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion entered service with the United States Marine Corps in 1981. It is the West's heaviest and most powerful helicopter. One hundred sixty five of these impressive three-engined helicopters serve with Marine Corps squadrons in the Pacific and Atlantic Fleets. It is also in service with Marine Corps reserve, training and experimental squadrons. As the Marine Corps' premier heavy lift helicopter, it is designed for the transportation of troops, equipment and supplies. The CH-53E operates from most US Navy amphibious assault class warships and is carried routinely aboard LHA (Landing, Helicopter, Assault), LPH (Landing, Platform, Helicopter) and LHD (Landing, Helicopter, Dock) class ships. The powerful CH-53E serves the Marine Corps in the heavy-lift transport role. It is capable of lifting heavy equipment including the 8-wheeled "Stryker" Light Armored Vehicle, the M198 Howitzer with ammunition and crew, and can recover for repair, almost all other Marine Corps aircraft. The seven main rotor blades, a distinguishing feature of this helicopter, are of Nomex honeycomb construction with a titanium spar and a composite glass fiber-epoxy skin. The huge rotor head is primarily titanium and steel. The cockpit is night vision goggle(NVG) compatible and many helicopters carry an external FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) turret containing low-light level optics. This equipment allows precise low altitude operations at night and in adverse weather. The Super Stallion is equipped with the AN/AAR-47 missile warning system in addition to chaff and flare dispensers.The CH-53E helicopter is powered by three General Electric T64-GE-419 engines rated at 4,750 horsepower each. The engine cowlings and transmission fairings are of Kevlar (armor) construction. The Super Stallion can extended it's range and endurance by in-flight refueling with the use of an extendable in-flight refueling probe. Two 0.50 caliber machine guns mounted in the side windows of the helicopter provide self protection.




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