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1/35 Sherman M4A3E8 "Thunderbolt VII"

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1/35 Sherman M4A3E8 "Thunderbolt VII"

1/35 Sherman M4A3E8 "Thunderbolt VII"

Dragon has invested considerable efforts in research and development of its brand new M4A3E8 Sherman, so much so that this can be considered as the ultimate 1/35 model kit of this variant ever to hit shop shelves! Nothing has been spared in this kit, with completely new parts for the hull, workable suspension assemblies with optional springs, new tracks, and a whole ream of other modifications. There is even an optional set of parts to represent the armor plates that were sometimes welded on for increased protection! This is a complete package, supplying everything that Sherman modelers could ever dream of needing, whether it be in plastic, metal, photo-etched metal, or clear plastic. And for a tank version called the “Easy Eight”, Dragon’s vast manufacturing experience means that this complex kit remains “easy” and fun to build!


Turret & Gun
- T-23 early pattern turret with realistic cast texture
- Rain-guard details for both commander's and loader's hatches
- Detailed mantlet
- Pistol port produced with slide-mold technology
- MG with hollow muzzle
- Bonus aluminum 76mm gun barrel

Upper Hull:
- Newly upgraded upper hull with weld lines authentically represented
- Finely rendered headlight and horn guards
- Driver's and radio operator's hatches can be modeled open/close
- Detailed hatch periscope units with clear parts and guards
- Gun travel lock can be modeled in travel or combat modes
- On-vehicle tools delicately recreated
- Hull edge plates are accurately reproduced, with a correct horizontal upper
- Separate engine deck access panel and grills
- Fuel caps with interior details can be modeled open/closed

Lower Hull:
- New M4A3 hull bottom with accurate details
- New finely detailed rear panel
- New Tooling - Two types of sprockets available
- Brand new HVSS stystem in fine details; multi-part workable assemblies
- Optional springs allow for realistic suspension action
- Updated transmission drive housings
- New tooling - idler tension adjusters
- New tooling - T-66 HVSS tracks
- Multi-part exhaust deflector in great details

- Bonus metal armor kit with plastic parts for fine details
- Cartograf decal offers different unit markings

About this kit:
The Sherman was the mainstay of the Allied armored units, with over 40,000 produced from 1942 onwards. The ubiquitous Sherman was to be found in the ranks of every Allied army in World War II and on every front.


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