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1/72 Scale Armor Pro Panzerkampfwagen VI

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1/72 Scale Armor Pro Panzerkampfwagen VI

The Porsche Tiger (P) is always a popular subject, as the appearance of the Tiger I turret on a boat-shaped hull instead of the boxy Henschel one is more appealing to some modelers. DML has taken their very nice Elefant/Ferdinand and used it to create the Tiger (P) in combination with one sprue from the Tiger I kits. Note that starting with Kit No. 7201 this is the fourth release of this family, but the first one with the turret.

  • New upper hull comes with accurate details
  • New slide-molded lower hull
  • Frontal armour is new
  • Completely new turret roof with accurate shape
  • Newle tooled vision ports
  • Turret slowage bin is newly tooled
  • Individual track links with correct detail

1/72 Scale Armor Pro Panzerkampfwagen VI


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