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Tamiya - Leopard 2 A6 Battle Tank Finished Model

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Tamiya - Leopard 2 A6 Battle Tank Finished Model

From the country that developed the Panther and the Tiger, the Leopard proves once again why Germany is considered the best battle tank producer in the world. Following upgrades since initial production in 1979, the latest upgrade to the Leopard was the addition of a 55 caliber 120mm smoothbore main gun in 2001, leading to the Leopard 2 A6. The new cannon provides higher projectile velocity with increased range and penetration, and when combined with the electric gun control and stabilization system, is lethally accurate even while on the move. Add to this wedge shaped spaced armor and a high-performance turbo-charged diesel engine and you have the perfect balance of firepower, armor protection and mobility. This fully assembled, accurately detailed model comes pre-painted in NATO coloring with markings representing the 104 Panzer Battalion.

About the Model:

    Professionally finished by Tamiya's master craftsmen, this fully assembled model is an accurate 1/35 scale replica of a Leopard 2 A6 battle tank.

  • Intricate detailing achieved with the use of plastic parts.
  • Lathe turned aluminum gun barrel and photo-etched grilles used to capture true essence of actual tank.
  • Includes fully detailed commander and loader half-body figures.
  • Inner half of road wheels are made from metal for extra weight.
  • Overall length: 314mm



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