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AXIAL - AX10 Scorpion

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The first of its’ kind!

 Previously the only way to build a competition capable rock crawler was to buy bits and pieces of several different kits here and there, taking as long as several months just to get the right parts together before you could even start the build.

 Now you can get everything in one box and in a matter of a few hours build time be able to hit the rocks with the Axial AX10 Scorpion 1/10 Rock Crawler Kit.

 Axial has designed a completely new kit from the ground up.  Each detail has been well thought out and provides you with a solid base to work with.


 The axles have been designed with many features that are not available from other choices on the market.  Everything from the axle strength, pinion angle, caster, and ground clearance were taken into consideration, the result is a stronger better axle that will last.  An aluminum diff locker is included along with hardened drive shafts and axles.


 The AX10 Scorpion chassis is lightweight and stiff.  Twin 2.0mm aluminum side plates are tied together with aluminum posts and a molded nylon skid plate/transmission plate.  The chassis was made as small and compact as possible to cut weight as much as possible.  A simple battery/radio tray makes installation of your electronics quick and easy.  Wheel base is adjustable from 304mm ~ 320mm.


 The AX10 Scorpion transmission was designed to place the weight of the motor as low as possible while still allowing a wide range of gearing choices.  The overall ratio can be adjusted from 15:1 all the way up to 74:1 using different pinion/spur gear choices.  The transmission is locked with no differential action and features hard anodized aluminum out-drive shafts.

Shocks, Links and Driveshaft

 Super long shocks offer a wider range of articulation as well as an optional range of spring choices so you can tune your crawler to work on any terrain.  All suspension links are made from lightweight and strong aluminum.  The driveshaft is made from super strong composite material and features hardened metal yokes.

Wheels, Tires and Body

 No crawler would be complete without the essentials.  The AX10 Scorpion will be outfitted with the popular 2.2 Rockster beadlocks sporting green rock rings and Rock Lizard tires.  Also included is the popular B-17 Betty body in .040” thick polycarbonate. 


  • Complete competition ready kit
  • All new axles that feature an improved driveshaft angle and castor as well as class leading steering throw
  • Aluminum Chassis plates with a molded nylon skid plate
  • Ultra compact and lightweight transmission
  • Full time locked four wheel drive
  • Full Ball bearings
  • Overall gear ratio range from 15:1 to 74:1
  • Transmission: 2.6:1; center mounted
  • Differentials: Locked style (spool)
  • Transmission: Single-speed
  • Tires: Axial 2.2 Rock Lizards
  • Wheels: Axial 2.2 Rockster Beadlocks
  • Suspension: 3 Link
  • Drive Shafts: Universal front and rear


  • Wheelbase: 304mm~320mm (12”~12.6”)
  • Width: 254mm (10”)
  • Height: 156mm (6.125”)
  • Weight: 1588g (3.5 lbs)
  • Articulation: 70°
  • Ground Clearance: 79mm (3.125”)


  • Length: 438mm (17.25”)
  • Width: 181mm (7.125”)
  • Height: 133mm (5.25”)

 Electronics (Not Included)

  • Radio: 2 Channel
  • Servos: 1 (Standard Size)
  • Speed Control
  • Motor: 540/550 Size
  • Battery : 7.2v Stick Pack










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