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Plastic Models

Academy - P-38 Lightning

Optional markings and parts for different variations of Fighter Bomber, Pathfinder, Droop Snoot or Photo Recon.

Academy - CH-46E Current U.S. Marines Full Frog

The CH-46 provides all-weather, day/night, assault transport of combat troops, supplies, and equipment during amphibious and subsequent operations ashore.

Academy - AH-60L DAP Black Hawk

The Direct Action Penetrator (DAP) is one of the most awesome airborne weapon platforms operated by the US Army's Special Operation Forces

Academy - F-18D Hornet

The F/A-18 Hornet is the United States Navy and Marine Corps premiere strike fighter

Academy - CH-46A/D Marines-Vietnam

The CH-46 Sea Knight was first procured in 1964 to meet the medium-lift combat assault requirements of the United States Marine Corp in Viet Nam

Academy - CH-53E Super Sea Stallion

CH-53 The Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion entered service with the United States Marine Corps in 1981

Tamiya - Mclaren MP4 Honda Kit

The McLaren MP4/6 Honda debuted at the United States Grand Prix, opening round of the 1991 Formula One season.

Tamiya - Ferrari 312T4

Making its debut at the 1979 South African Grand Prix, the Ferrari 312T4 was Ferrari's first ground-effects F1 car...

Tamiya - Ferrari 312T

Of the 14 F1 Grand Prix races held in 1975, Ferrari drivers Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni won 6 between them, claiming the Constructors Championship by a large margin.

Tamiya - Renault RE-20 Turbo

Winner of the Brazilian, South African and Austrian F-1 Grand Prix?s in 1980, the Renault RE-20 Turbo proved the worth of Renault?s turbo engine beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Tamiya - Lotus 99T Honda

Legendary Lotus 99T makes it back into production after a gap of more than 5 years. Includes new parts to depict on-board camera, and helmets of Nakajima and Ayrton Senna!

Tamiya - German Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind

One of the main attractions of Tamiya?s 1/48 Military Minature Series is how easily the kits can be integrated into dioramas, especially ones that involve aircraft of the same scale.

Tamiya - German Pz-Kpfw III

Tamiya remains dedicated to adding more variety to the 1/48 Military Miniature Series and now proudly brings you the final variant of the Panzer III, the Ausf.N.

Tamiya - British Crusader Mk-I and II Tank

Tamiya continues to lead the advance on the 1/48 military model this scale is the British Crusader Tank.

1/35 Sherman M4A3 DRA

The Medium M4 tank, better known as the Sherman, appeared in various forms throughout its stellar career with Allied armies.

1/35 Sherman Mk.III

The Sherman III is the British nomenclature for the M4A2 model fitted with a 75mm gun.

1/35 Panther G, Sd.Kfz. 171

The German Panther G had a crew of five, and possessed sloping armor that was 80mm thick on the hull front, and 100mm thick on the turret front.


1/35 StuG III Ausf.G

Another full featured kit from our Smart kit series. All the parts minus the magic tracks are completely new. Vast amount of research and modern manufacturing technology makes this StuG III the most accurate version to date!


1/35 Sherman M4A3E8 "Thunderbolt VII"

The Sherman was the mainstay of the Allied armored units, with over 40,000 produced from 1942 onwards. The ubiquitous Sherman was to be found in the ranks of every Allied army in World War II and on every front.


1/35 M2/M2A1 Half-Track ~ Smart Kit Series, NEW TOOLING, 2-in-1 Kit

Dragon is launching a fantastic new 1/35 kit of the M2 half-track. Modelers will find that this new Smart kit showcases the latest in modeling manufacturing with Dragonís benchmark accuracy and clever use of technology.


1/35 M2/M2A1
M1A1 AIM 1/35 injection plastic kit

Named after General Creighton Abrams, the M1 series is the main battle tank for the US ground forces being used by both the Army and Marine Corp.

M1A1 AIM 1/35 Injection Plastic Model Kit
1/72 Scale Armor Pro Series Jagdpanzer IV/70 Early Production

This kit mixes and matches to provide an early production variant with the four return rollers and Pzkw. IV road wheels.

1/72 Scale Armor Pro Series Jagdpanzer IV/70
1/72 Scale Armor Pro Panzerkampfwagen VI

The Porsche Tiger (P) is always a popular subject, as the appearance of the Tiger I turret on a boat-shaped hull instead of the boxy Henschel one is more appealing to some modelers.

1/72 Scale Armor Pro Panzerkampfwagen VI

Tamiya - JGSDF Type 90 Tank Finished Model

The third main tank for the Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF), the Type 90 entered service in August 1990. Packed with the latest hi-tech equipment, including 120mm smoothbore main gun, laser range finder, infrared night viewer, automatic cannon loading system and 7.62mm machine gun ...

Tamiya - JGSDF Type 90 Tank Finished Model

Tamiya - Leopard 2 A6 Battle Tank Finished Model

From the country that developed the Panther and the Tiger, the Leopard proves once again why Germany is considered the best battle tank producer in the world.

Tamiya - Leopard 2 A6 Battle Tank Finished Model

Tamiya - M1A2 Abrams Desert Version Finished Model

The Tip Of The American Sword. Tamiya now releases the Abrams as a finished model.


Tamiya - M1A2 Abrams Desert Version Finished Model

Tamiya - German Tiger I Finished Model

The Battle of Kursk took place in 1943, with a massive man-force of over 2million German and Soviet soldiers. Noted as the largest tank battle in history, it was to become one of the major turning points of WWII. Featuring 100mm thick armor and a massive 80mm main cannon, the Tiger I served as the main battle tank for the German forces during this historic battle ...

Tamiya - German Tiger I Finished Model

Tamiya - German Tiger I Finished Model

With 100mm thick armor and an 88mm gun, the Tiger I was the ultimate tank of its time. From initial production to the modified late production model, over 1300 Tiger I Heavy Tanks were produced in total.

Tamiya - German Tiger I Finished Model
NASCAR Models from Revell Monogram

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr,
  • Jeff Gordon
  • Ryan Newman
  • Jimmy Johnson
  • Tony Stewart
  • Matt Kenseth
  • Darrel Waltrip
  • Dale Earnhart
  • and more ...

Amazing Hobbies carries an extensive lineup of NASCAR model kits from Revell Monogram in different skill sets for the beginner and the serioius collector. We also carry many licensed NASCAR Die Cast collectibles.

Classic Hot Rod Models from Revell Monogram

Revell Monogram has the most complete selection of American Muscle car models of any manufacturer. The attention to detail is exquisite and the choice of cars and skill levels ensures there are many, many car kits for every modeller from the beginner to the serious collector.

Amazing Hobbies also stocks plastic model kits of airplanes, battleships, aircraft carriers and trains.


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