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Hangar 9 - P-51D Mustang 60 ARF

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Key Features

  • New hardened metal struts and adjustable down locks
  • Prepainted fiberglass cowl w/molded Merlin exhaust stacks
  • Pre-installed retractable landing gear

Hangar 9® offers modelers the thrill of flying an impressively sized, scale Mustang with the convenience of ARF construction.

Scale Looks-Simple Assembly
Hangar 9's ARF version of the venerable P-51D really is unlike any other Mustang ARF we've ever seen. Its impressive .60-size airframe alone sets it apart from other Mustang ARFs that are almost all .40-size. The larger size has allowed Hangar 9 to better match its proportions and lines to that of the real thing since it's not as affected by the scaling issues a .40-size model would face.

Underscoring the scale design is an UltraCote® trim scheme that's patterned after an actual wartime P-51D dubbed "Marie." Marie was flown by USAAF ace Captain Freddie F. Ohr of the 15th Air Force. Except for the addition of invasion stripes on the wings, the kit's markings are virtually identical to Captain Ohr's plane-right down to the name on the nose and the ID number on the tail. A prepainted fiberglass cowl with molded Merlin exhaust stacks is also included.

To ease assembly, Hangar 9 has simplified the servo installation. Aileron servos mount in precut servo bays in the wings. The rudder and elevator benefit from direct servo linkage with precut servo mounts for each in the tail. Having all the servos right next to their corresponding control surfaces like this makes setting up control throws and tweaking links much easier.

The most impressive ARF feature has to be the preinstalled retractable landing gear. Each wing half comes out of the box with the retract mechanisms completely installed. All that's left for the modeler to do is install a compatible retract servo, like JR's low-profile S703 or Expert's low-profile SL680. Total assembly time takes as little as 20 hours. Depending on the type of engine chosen, the finished model weighs in at around 7 pounds completely assembled.

A Ripping Good Time
The Hangar 9 Mustang is compatible with .60 - .78 2-strokes and .91 to 1.00 4-strokes. We equipped our test model with Saito's muscular 100 4-stroke. This proved to be an excellent match. The plane's total weight came in at just under 7 1/2 pounds, which the big Saito(tm) handled with ease. If we had to sum up the performance this combination produced in a word, it would be-WOW!

This is a great "rip and bank" airplane. With the 100 pulling out front, the Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang flies a lot like a nimble .60-size sport plane. Roll and yaw authority is excellent at slow speeds and during approach to landing. At high-speeds, using the recommended control throws, the Mustang is equally solid. We did lots of full-throttle loops and hard breaking turns without a single accelerated stall. The plane tracked through every high-G maneuver as if it were on rails.

The high thrust-to-weight ratio that the Saito 100 gives the Mustang makes for some spine-tingling moments. We loved yanking it off the runway and wrenching into a steep climbing turn as we sucked up the gear-just like we were scrambling to intercept incoming bandits. Low-level banking passes and hard breaking dogfight maneuvers were nothing short of exhilarating. The throaty sound of the big Saito produces its share of goose bumps, too.

If you've always wanted a scale warbird but simply didn't want to invest the time usually required to build one, you will love Hangar 9's .60 P-51D ARF. It's unique size, realistic proportions and authentic trim scheme easily make it one of the finest ARF versions of the mighty Mustang you will be able to find anywhere.

Wing Span: 65.5 in
Overall Length: 55.75 in
Wing Area: 745 sq. in
Flying Weight: 7 - 8.5 lbs
Engine Size: .61 - 1.00 (2-stroke), .72 - 1.00 (4-stroke)
Radio: 5+ channel
Servos: 5 standard and 1 retract
Trim Scheme Colors: HANU881 Silver, HANU874 Black, HANU889 Dark Yellow, HANU904 Olive Drab, HANU870 White, HANU885 Blue (Logos), HANU883 Red (Lettering)

Needed to Complete

Recommended power systems for “Electric Convertible*” HANGAR 9 models:

P-51D Mustang 60 ARF
Motor: E-flite Power 60 (EFLM4060A)

ESC: Castle Creations Phoenix 80 (CSEPHX80; Standard settings with 18V Soft Li-Po cut off and no brake)

Prop: APC 15x10E (APC15010E)

Battery: Thunder Power Pro Lite 6000mAh 6S3P (THP60003S3PPL x2 in series)

Flying Weight w/Battery: 8.8 lbs

Amps Volts Watts Input Watts/Pound RPM
56.0 21.3 1195 136 7375

This power system setup delivers an excellent balance of thrust and top speed for the P-51. Average duration is approximately 8-15 minutes depending on throttle management.




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