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Team Durango DEX410v3 4 Wheel Drive 1:10 Scale Radio Control Car

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Team Durango DEX410v3 4 Wheel Drive 1:10 Scale Radio Control Car

When the DEX410 was released more than two years ago, it changed 4WD off road racing. It wasn't just the use of geared differentials and the highest quality materials, neither was it the original design and Team Durango style. It was the combination of all of these things plus the fact that Team Durango cars are made by people who know about RC racing. We know what serious racers want, and we do our best to make cars you want to race with, and win with. The DEX410v3 is the next evolution of the car that won the 2009 IFMAR World Championship, the 2011 EFRA European Championship and multiple national and international titles. How can such a successful car get any better? Well, it just did...

The new 'Kuhler' bodyshell (TD402007) for the DEX410v3 performs as good as it looks. We have managed to retain the Team Durango style racing lines and contours as well as raise the roof and widen the sides, to give even better airflow over the internal electronics. The rear flick-fin and subtle cab-forward design, make this one of the coolest looking 1/10 scale bodies available today.

The DEX410v3 has newly designed front and rear carbon fibre shock towers. Based on the original DEX410 shock towers, the new units feature more holes for even finer-tuning and adjustment. They are made from the same race-proven 4mm thick carbon fibre that has become popular with DEX410R owners around the world.

It was easy to adjust the anti-squat on the DEX410. With the DEX410v3, we have made it even easier. Rather than using separate anti-squat suspension hangers, the DEX410v3 uses a single RR (rear rear) suspension hanger and, with different composite inserts, the anti-squat can be quickly and easily adjusted.



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