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Team Durango DNX408v2 4 Wheel Drive 1:8 Scale Nitro Radio Control Car

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Team Durango DNX408v2 4 Wheel Drive 1:8 Scale Nitro Radio Control Car

New for the DNX408v2 is this improved fuel tank. The pressure pipe has been relocated from the side of the tank to the lid, resulting in more consistent pressure inside the tank. Also, the neck of the fuel filler has been re-profiled to work with the Team Durango fuel gun (#TD390082) and other aftermarket fuel guns. Finally, the v2 fuel tank is made from a high-transparency material to make it easier to see exactly how much fuel is inside your tank.

The all new radio box has much more space for your chosen receiver, which means you can make your wiring as tidy as possible. The aerial is now mounted to the part of the receiver box that stays in car, so even when the receiver box lid is removed, the aerial stays in position. The v2 receiver box has a cool hinged door for inserting and removing the receiver batteries. This means that the batteries and receiver compartment are now fully independent.

The tougher bumper positively locates onto the front diff cover, making the bumper extremely durable. It is just as easy to remove the front differential as it was before, but now the whole front bumper/diff case assembly is a lot stronger.

Again, we have increased the strength of these items. By reducing the number of mounting holes to two (high and low, as used by our Pro racing team) we have been able to dramatically increase the strength of this part.



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