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OS Engines - 30 VG for Savage

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The power for climbing. The speed for racing. The engine for both.

  Torque — or speed. Time was that an 1/8 scale engine was designed for one or the other. However, monster trucks and truggies need both — and that requires the O.S. 30VG.
   With its virtually perfect balance of bore-to-stroke, the 30VG offers unrivaled adaptability for 1/8 scale and the perfect power plant for almost any application.   Put it in a monster truck or truggy and it excels. Put it up against .21s, .25s and .28s, and it blows them away in big-block performance — and drops into the spaces they occupied for easy, no-mod retro-fits.
   Engineered for 1/8 scale — designed and tested for O.S. dependability on-road or off.

  • Available in three SG-crank versions, including a recoil start model and an SR model purpose-designed for the HPI Savage.
  • Rear-exhaust design.
  • Machined aluminum piston.
  • Double-bushed, tapered aluminum conrod for minimal wear and weight.
  • 3-port liner.
  • Oversized balanced crankshaft for added strength and smooth, vibration-free operation.
  • Rubber-sealed front bearing reduces teardowns — enlarged rear bearing minimizes vibration and improves load-bearing capacity.
  • Insulated carb sleeve prevents heat-related vaporization and predetonation.
  • Rubber shaft boot preserves smooth, easy slide-valve operation.


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