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ACE Hobby - Thunder Tiger - Raptor 50 Titan

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T-REX 450SA ARF Electric Mini Heli

The Raptor 50 Titan combines all the key features needed for Extreme 3D flight. Whatever the maneuver we are sure you will feel the performance that the Titanium provides.
Full Length of fuselage: 1220mm (48.03")
Full width of fuselage: 1400mm (5.51")
Total height: 400mm (15.74")
Main rotor dia: 1345mm (52.95")
Tail rotor dia: 236mm (9.29")
Gear ratio: (STD) : 1:8.5:4.56 / (OP) : 1:8.73:4.56
Full equipped weight: 3000g (6.6 lbs)

This model was designed and engineered by the World-renowned Mr.Shigetada Taya. It combines elements of his previously successful designs with today's advanced technologies. Combined with all the features of Raptor 50 V2, the new Raptor 50 Titan adds more new features—longer tail boom to fit 620mm blade, push-pull system for collective pitch control & elevator control, rear mounted tail rotor servo plate, harden main shaft and more.

With all the new features included, the Raptor 50 Titan is the best power-to-weight ratio and accuracy control system of any 50 class helicopter in the market. For 3-D pilots, Raptor 50 Titan will make you enjoy executing crisp maneuvers like – Climbing Tic-Toc, Chaos, Death Spirals and any other radical maneuver that pilots can dream of. Beginners and advanced 3-D pilots will be impressed with this new Raptor, The Raptor 50 Titanium.


  • Longer tail boom
  • Rear mount tail rotor servo plate
  • Push-Pull collective pitch control system
  • Push-Pull elevator control system
  • Stainless steel flybar rod
  • All stainless linkage rods
  • Harden main shaft
  • Body support post
  • Heavy-duty clutch bell (larger size bearing)
  • New decals



ACE Hobby_Thunder_Tiger_Raptor_50_Titan

ACE Hobby_Thunder_Tiger_Raptor_50_Titan

ACE Hobby_Thunder_Tiger_Raptor_50_Titan

ACE Hobby_Thunder_Tiger_Raptor_50_Titan



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