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King Tiger

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King Tiger

Rolling onto the battlefield in late WWII, the German King Tiger used its powerful 88mm cannon against the Allied Forces. Its development was started in Jan. 1943, with the earliest model equipped with a body from the Henschel firm and an armored turret of up to 100mm in thickness designed by Dr. Porsche.

Officially designated the Panzerkampfwagen VI-B Tiger II, only fifty Porsche turrets for this version were produced prior to the official adoption of the Henschel turret for mass production. It was however the Porsche turret equipped King Tiger, which left its mark on history by facing off with the Allied Forces in the Normandy Invasion.

The King Tiger’s 88mm main gun has a muzzle velocity of 1000m per second when firing armor piercing rounds. It was highly accurate and able to penetrate 150mm of armor at distances exceeding 2200m. Since the flight time of an armor piercing round at a range of 2200m is about 2.2 seconds or less, accuracy and correction of fire against moving targets is more important than with older anti tank guns.

This made this heavy predator ideally suited to open terrain where it could engage enemy tanks at long range before the opponent’s weapons were even in range.



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