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Tiger I - Late Production

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Tiger I - Late Production

Officially designated Panzerkampfwagen VI Sd.Kfz 181, Tiger Ausf. E, the Tiger tank was the first tank to use animal names by the German army (such as Panther, Tiger, Elephant) as a propaganda tool to draw attention. Production started in July 1942 with the first Tigers delivered in August 1942.

There is only one official production version for the Tiger 1, although several modifications had been made as suggested by battle experienced crews. These modifications began to be known as the early, mid and late production Tigers.

Late production Tigers are most easily identified as the rubber rimmed road wheels were replaced with steel road wheels. the gun travel lock was discontinued and the gun sight was changed from a binocular TZF9b to a monocular TZF9c. Specification Length: 350 mm Width: 155 mm Height: 142 mm Weight: 1.155 kg Climb: 30 degree Speed: 1.25 km/hr Details Upgrade Parts



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