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Serpent - Serpent 960

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Serpent - Serpent 960


Continuing a long line of successful 1/8th scale cars, the Serpent 960 sets new standards in quality, ease of assembly, ease of use and outright performance. We believe this is the best car we have ever made. A first title in its debut race, the German Nationals, confirms this.


The Nine Sixty continues the long lineup of ultra-successful and highly-competitive 1/8th scale cars from Serpent, setting new standards in quality, ease of assembly, ease of use, and outright performance. The Nine Sixty represents refinement in all areas throughout the car.

Serpent 960 - A World Beater

The Serpent 960 in Brief

The new main features of the Serpent 960 are new front and rear geometry, as well as new steering blocks and rear uprights. We have made all the parts fit together with the greatest of ease and work without any modifications. A lot of effort has also been made to make parts stronger in the case of an impact as well as improving wear resistance through the use of bearings in key areas or improving the bearings in other areas such as the wheel axles. With the 960 we also set out to make carrying spare parts a cost-effective exercise, so we have therefore used a lot of parts that can be used on both the left and right sides of the car; for example, rear upper & lower wishbones and uprights, and front suspension brackets.

New Braking System

One of the truly innovative features of this car is the new braking system. Through the ball-raced brake cam, two push-pins are moved horizontally to actuate the brakes. Due to the horizontal action of the push-pins, and not the twisting of the brake cam, all distortion in this area is removed and the brake pads are evenly pressed together. The brake cam is supported by ball-bearings for smooth, precise action. Additionally, this new system has been affixed to the bulkhead and therefore does away with the need for chassis pins to block the movement of the innermost brake pad. This further adds to the precision and exceptional stopping power of the braking system.

RCC Shock Absorbers

The RCC shock absorbers are the smoothest and easiest to build shocks ever designed. Machined from metal and unique in that the shock bodies only open on the bottom half, they are really simple to assemble. They come with a fixed piston and no longer use a diaphragm as with the previous shocks. The result is an ultra-smooth and air-free shock absorber thanks to the self-bleeding system incorporated into the design.

Another great benefit is that these shock absorbers come pre-assembled in the kit, so you need only add shock oil.

The Serpent 960 comes as standard with Blue front springs (hard) and Yellow rear springs (medium).

Throttle Servo Mounting

Similar to the S950R throttle servo configuration, the 960 configuration has the throttle servo rotated so that the head of the servo is facing to the outside. This moves the heavy motor and other parts of the servo to the inside allowing for better weight distribution.

Whats unique about this is not the way that the linkage works, through the use of a pushrod, but the fact that the 960 also accommodates the traditional stand-up throttle servo layout. You now have the choice to mount your throttle servo as you prefer!

The laydown throttle servo assembly has been designed to fit in the standard servo mounting space, thus enabling the easy change over between configurations. If you decide to use the traditional upright mounting, you can mount the receiver next to the throttle servo as per the 710. Otherwise the receiver is in its standard place on the left side of the radio plate.

Steering Servo Mounting

The steering servo is mounted on the right side directly to the bottom of the radio plate and hangs free from any other item. The steering system uses a single servo-saver, which features adjustable spring tension, a useful feature that allows you to make your car suit any track surface or layout. The servo-saver comes with four Ackerman options to help fine-tune the 960 steering characteristics. Adjustable steel track rods with left and right threads are standard. The pivot ball on the servo-saver arm can be accessed through a hole in the chassis to disconnect and re-connect the steering rod.

New Steering Blocks

The new steering blocks have been designed not only for strength and to remove any flex in the part but due to its new design it also has performance benefits. The pivot ball positions have 0mm inclination (they are directly above each other) and 0mm offset, which gives a very neutral balance while at the same time giving more steering.

The front wheel axle comes standard with a composite spacer to fit between the two bearings to prevent damage and aid in the free running of the bearings.

Rear Suspension

The rear suspension of the Serpent 960 features new geometry with longer lower wishbones to aid rear end traction and overall neutral handling. Besides the new geometry and the ability to adjust the camber rise and rear roll center, the biggest change to the rear suspension is the new rear upright.

Traditionally the rear suspension on Serpent 1/8th scale cars had fixed rear track-width due to a fixed upper pivot point on the upright. The new upright now features three pivot balls making it fully adjustable in all angles making for more complete adjustment and freedom of movement of the rear suspension.

The rear wheel axle comes standard with a composite spacer to fit between the two bearings to prevent damage and aid the free running of the bearings. The inside rear axle bearing has also been increased in size for better durability.

Another great feature of the new rear suspension is that the rear upright and the upper and lower wishbones can be used on both sides of the car; reducing the amount of spares you need to carry to the track.

Chassis Plate

The backbone of the car is the chassis plate. It is the strongest and stiffest single-piece chassis available. CNC-machined from 5mm aerospace-quality aluminum, the Serpent 960 chassis plate should withstand all but the most severe crashes. The chassis plate comes with three cooling holes under the engine to aid temperature control, and is even narrower than the chassis of the 950R with chamfered edges to prevent it from catching on curbs giving it better overall ground clearance. It houses the battery pack, which is mounted into the newly-designed battery mounting plate and is held in place by four screws, screwed directly into the chassis plate itself. All screw holes are countersunk to ensure no protrusions when the chassis is running low to the ground.


To enable you to start your Serpent 960 with the greatest of ease, Serpent provides the necessary alignment brackets for your Powerstart starter box.


The Serpent 960 is a top-level competition racer and is therefore fully adjustable. The racer can change numerous settings easily and effectively, including the suspension geometry. The downstops can be easily accessed and easily adjusted with optimum effect. Caster, track-width, toe-in, camber, camber rise, and wheelbase can also be adjusted with ease, as well as the front and rear roll-center and rear body mount mounting angle.


To allow you to build your car with the greatest of ease, Serpent supplies a full colour instruction manual. Also supplied with the car is a separate brochure containing all the exploded views and latest options.

Previously only available with the Serpent 710, we have now created a new Serpent 960 Setup Book which contains set-up solutions, diagrams and detailed theory. Also included is a Serpent 960 decal sheet and blank set-up sheet.


Serpent_Serpent 960 Serpent_Serpent 960

Serpent_Serpent 960 Serpent_Serpent 960

Serpent_Serpent 960 Serpent_Serpent 960


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